Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snowstorm of the Century!

Wow. Being a Wisconsinite for 24 years now, I don't ever recall a snowstorm like the one we are currently having. This is insane. For some ungodly reason, I drove into work today at 10am, as we had a delayed start. Upon arrival, I noted that I was ONE of FOUR people who showed up. I just may be the most dedicated intern in the state of Wisconsin. On my drive home, after an hour of 'work', my windshield got so bad that for a brief second I STUCK MY HEAD OUT MY WINDOW TO SEE BETTER. Eat your heart out Ace Ventura. Constant sirens in the background, zero visibility, drifts, plows working 24-7 - the scene is almost undescribable. Here's the kicker - 3 months ago at Happy Wok, my fortune cookie said "Remember this day 3 months from now". I said I would fill you in on what would happen - amazingly it affected everyone. Sorta eerie man!!! Anyways, I figured I would have to take pictures of this for future reference...or something.

Picture from the back door of my apartment. There's a small grassy area that leads to the Yahara River.

Aaaaand then I notice that I'm about 8 inches deep in snow. And this is right outside the door - meaning there was more until I pushed the snow from the door swinging open.

Well well well. Some Duckaroos quackin in the river. How are their webbed feet not cold? Seriously...

Sorry guys, I don't have any bread.

Panning right: You could see super-thin sheets of ice floating down the river.

I think the congregation doubled in 10 seconds of them seeing me. Guys, I seriously have no bread.

Expressing my distaste for powder.

Panning Left: Who's gonna win a photo competition? THIS GUY. You should see the hi-res version of this.

Summer can't come soon enough...

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