Friday, September 22, 2006

9/11 and Wisconsin: 5 Years Later

Five years after the 9/11 attacks, the scene at ground zero in New York City remains the same: empty. New Yorkers aren't the only ones who are discontent about the lack of an existing memorial. While politics, players, and money have slowed down the process of erecting a visible monument there, Wisconsin locations have remembered and shown their own support of memorializing fallen heroes.
"9/11: We Will Never Forget" signs have been strewn across various front lawns here in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Dennis L. Kachel, landlord of approximately 70% of student housing in the area was responsible for the recent showing of patriotism. No representatives were available for comment.
Whitewater is not the only city to show rememberence of the tragedy that struck five years ago. In June 2005, Green Bay replaced its "Packer Receiver" statue by the public museum with mini replica twin towers. Two large gleaming steal towers stand tall and can be seen from most Green Bay places. Names of victims are etched into the base and a chunk of a World Trade Center girder is mounted on the front.
Other ceremonies were held across the state on the morning of September 11th. Many church bell towers rang at 10:03am; the time that the first plane careened into the towers in New York. Governor Doyle spoke in Madison as well.