Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Black Liquid Mistakes Journal - Entry #3

Entry #3 - "It's not a Journal, it's Digiorno"

This is (was) 2005. I still can't believe people tolerate shitty frozen food. Next time you're eating a frozen food product, really ASK yourself, "Is this a ham & cheese breakfast sandwhich enclosed in a flaky crust?" Moments later, you'll realize what you're eating tastes like 13 day old meatloaf mixed with freshly picked garbanzo and kidney beans. Oh - and its still frozen in the middle. Don't you think we're at the point where we don't consume "chicken tenders" that taste like luke-warm redwood bark? Finally, my new years resolution is to make sure all TV Dinner Makin mofos New Years Resolutions are to "Not make and/or distribute crappy frozen foods".

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Dustin said...

You take it back!! There is only one aisle worth walking down at the grocery store, that is correct my friend, the frozen food aisle. I wonder why I am fat?