Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Black Liquid Mistakes Journal - An explanation, and Entry #1

Back with the original Boone Court Boys, I decided to 'write in a journal' as my new years resolution for 2006. I found this small gray 6"x4" 'assignment book' to write a few random thoughts in. I titled this book The Black Liquid Mistakes Journal. This didn't really catch on with me, as I only wrote in it 3 times in late 2005, and used it once again to write down 'The Cincinnati Affair' in July 2006. Either way, I found this notebook in one of the many drawers in my room, and for your pleasure, will post all four entries, successively, in their entirety (with short explanations, if needed). Without further ado...

Entry #1: "Shaving"


When Adam Nisler shaves - his face becomes a bloody, porous mess. I believe that if a scientist put his chin under a microscope - it would resemble a horror movie set. Magnified, his cheeks would strangely look like stalagmites or stalagtites (whichever ones hang down from the ceiling).
If you're going to learn any lesson from story, it's that if you regularly practice Tae-Kwon-Do - your skin is goin to be more sensitive than a small boy's asshole after Priest Penetratio is finished with him. I would love to see Mr. Nisler was the corners of his mouth. That would be a special occasion.

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