Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The biggest cat in the world

Over Christmas break, I met up with some old high school friends of mine that I hadn't seen in awhile. The lovely Kate Smikowski, I'll-kick-your-ass Cory Martin, Taco-Dip Chef extraodinaire Heather Dahlman and I went to Houlihan's in Lake Geneva for some appetizers and drinks that were much too expensive. The ever faithful pimp of the ages and best friend Ben Eungard met up with us. Good times were had. I learned how to eat with chopstix. I learned that Houlihans has served over a billion stuffed mushrooms. True story.

Anyways, the true excitement of the night was when we went back to Heather's house and I saw the biggest cat in the world. It looked as if Sasquatch and a Wolverine procreated to make this thing. I would look up this term on wikipedia, but I'm too lazy. According to Heather, it has "ANGORA" fur, which makes it a shedding catastrophic mess. It was a very nice kitty to be honest.

And sorry about me talking during the video. One day I'll learn just NOT to speak when filming. But I had alcohol in me, so I couldn't help it. Enjoy.

and a picture for good measure (note the flashlight for scale - yeah, its a behemoth!)

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