Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Attempting Floridian Fame Vol II : The Overview

Hello internet people. As you already know, it's been awhile. This is largely due to being busy at work before and after taking a vacation. To where, you say? Look at the title! It was time again to visit the land of South Florida for beaches, broads, and beer. March 26th through April 2nd consisted of basking in the sun and doing a lot of drinking. A huge thank you goes out to 'Mr. S' for the accomodations and chauffering Schmill and I around. The next few posts will be dedicated to the trip, and start with the title 'AFF2'. I did bring my journal again this year, but was too drunk/hungover to write in it very much. These posts will be from the memory of Schmill and I. Thank you for reading. Let's attempt Floridian fame...

(A pregnant man-tourist takes a touristy picture - looped of course...)

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