Saturday, February 07, 2009

Meet Gil

This normally wouldn't be a big deal for most of you reading this, but it was for me at the time.

Last week, I finally shot a firearm. OH THE POWER. I have these small baby-hands, you see, so I wasn't as sharp as I would have liked to have been, but oh well. Not gonna go into details, but a huntin' pal of mine took me to a shooting range with his Glock .40 and .357 magnum. The glock was simple and easy to shoot after I got the hang of it. The magnum was like shooting a fucking cannon. The recoil was absurd.

So anyways, here's Gil:

(click for hi-res)

Gil tried to shoplift, and we caught him in the act. Gil is now deceased, but is survived by 1,000,000 identical siblings.

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