Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Summer as a Carney

So some more changes will be coming to Tepid Epics, surprise surprise.

I've taken a summer position as a 'special events representative' for Milwaukee's own Palermo's Pizza company. It's going to keep me very busy, as most of these 'events' will take place on the weekends throughout the midwest. A high school friend's husband and I will be driving a Yukon Denali with a 22 foot long by 11 and a half foot tall 'pizza trailer' - complete with awesome vinyl graphics, pop-out awning, and a large oven already inside.

Locations for the 'Summer Pizza Tour 09' include Omaha, Minneapolis, Madison, Kansas City, Des Moines and a few others. Equipped with a gas card, corporate credit card, and hotel accomodations, I'll be serving the shit out of Americans. State fairs, air shows, and 'Taste of (insert city here)' will be the main points of sampling for the Summer.

So what once was just a Wisconsin-only jewel is now becoming an awesome frozen pizza company about to dominate the midwest. The Summer pizza tour is a way for Palermos to grab yet another share of the market segment. Goin to the people. Givin em free pizza. Lovin life. Or something like that.

My restaurant manager looked at my summer calendar for Palermos and said, "Soo, are you a Carney then?" I laughed. But then I thought about it. I think I might be. The marketing president has asked me to blog about our travels and the people and places we come in contact with. I'll also be on Twitter, which i'm not too stoked about. The main subject of Tepid Epics in the upcoming weeks will be to 'tell the real story' about the path to Palermo's glory. When I'm not working, I'll be disc golfing, drinking at foreign bars, and participating in other random shenanigans whenever necessary. I'll post the blogsite and Twitter username when they become available later this month.

I hope you'll still follow me on this crazy upcoming summer journey. Posts will be made whenever I have the ample amount of time to do so. It has the potential to yield some great stories. Only time will tell.

Till then, stay classy...


Dustin said...

Believe me, whenever I have a chance to go to a 'taste of _____' I will be there. The taste of Madison is always fun since JJO usually has some good bands playing, I'll look into it.

Also - grow a mullet

A.Guss said...


Jim said...

That sounds incredibly awesome, I can't wait to read all about it.