Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Beeroseur: April

April is halfway gone already, and I haven't put up anything worthwhile yet. Well, how about a post on HOMEMADE (kind of) Beer? Awww shit.

As I had said before, my brother got me a great Christmas present of an at-home Beer making kit. From Bed, Bath, and Beyond of all places (does this mean it came from the 'beyond' section? Remember that mediocre movie 'Click'? God, Kate Beckinsale is so hot. Alas...) Well, after the 4 gallon plastic mini keg sat in a closet for a month, and then the fridge for another month, it was ready to consume. Just follow simple directions of boiling sugar in water, adding the goupy malt mix, and feeding the yeast at the proper time - and sho nuff, I had beer.

From the Label: Meh, too much to write.

Style: Well, the goupy can of 'malt' said Canadian Draught. Why can't they just call it Canadian Draft? It sounds like 'Draft' when you say it...

I am mixing sugar into boiling water. It's beertastic.

Alc/Vol: Unknown

The 3.5 gallon plastic 'Mr. Beer' Keg.
Rating: 7.5

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