Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Snakes on a Jake

I wandered over to Drunkn Butterfly today to scope out their going out of business sale. Drunkn Butterfly is a small clothing boutique nestled on Johnson St here in Madison. They specialize in Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other reissued shoes that own the nu-old-skool look. Along with a limited supply of apparel, DB also holds small art events for local and national artists alike. The owners are moving to New York, and therefore, everything must go - and at 50% off, I needed to pay a visit. I picked up these beauties:

Nike Air Stab Premium 'Python Pack'. Faux (i think?) snakeskin print modeled after the World's most powerful snake - the Python. I bought into the gimmick - but whatever - they're f'in hot. And for $50, this purchase was a no brainer. Also bought 2 t-shirts, but the focus is on the kicks, yo.



Stacey said...

uglies shoes ever.

Jake said...

hate you

Dustin said...

they are pretty ugly, sorry

giddee said...

a few things:
super ugly shoes. how many times have you been beat up?
i bought that clapton book for my dad for xmas. he started reading it before presents were even done like the little bastard he is. but he loved it too!
we have shock top on tap at work. i have sold zero.