Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The little red schoolhouse - more than just little...and red.

Built on top of a drumlin, the little red schoolhouse is one of the more historical points within UW-Whitewater's campus. The building, measuring 30 x 20 feet, sports a weathered red paint job and is designed to honor pioneer life. According to the virtual campus website, no official records exist as to when the school was built. Alas, student records date the building back to the 1870's.
The little red schoolhouse originally existed in the Menominee Falls / Brown Deer area on the corner of W. Bradley and N. Granville Roads.

Once UW-W professor and historian Walker D. Wyman made it possible for the Red Schoolhouse to stand where it is today. In a book titled "A History of Wisconsin State University Whitewater" by Janette Bohi, the little red is actually mentioned. The book, published in 1967, discussed the future plans for UW-W.

"Proponents of a 20,000 seat stadium have settled for a more modest goal, indicative of the enrollment slowdown as the century draws to a close. Amidst all these destinies and dreams stands the Red Schoolhouse, brought to campus in 1966 by the institution's second historian president". (Bohi, 237)

With Halloween just a day away, the rumors of someone who hung themselves in the schoolhouse resurfaces. "It's not true", said building maintance caretaker Steve Barnes. "Not quite sure how that one started."

The little red schoolhouse, along with the log cabin, continue to sit behind the University Center, which is currently being redone. They will continue to be historical icons on an ever-expanding campus.

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